Whittier Parking and Camping


                                                        Whittier, Alaska


                            Parking and Camping in

                        Western Prince William Sound

        Whittier Parking and Camping offers supervised vehicle and trailered vessel parking and a separate campground facility in the heart of Whittier, Alaska.  Our friendly staff monitors operations during extended business hours, 7-days per week, during spring, summer and fall--usually from mid April to late October.  We are found along Whittier Street, a short walk south of the local small boat harbor, private marina, cruise dock and day-cruise facilities.

        Parking and camping operations are available at reasonable rates to support visitors who recreate in Western Prince William Sound during the six-month summer season.   We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards (Visa, Discover and Master Card). 

        Contact phone numbers:     (907) 472-2670 (Main “land line” in Whittier)

                                                           (907) 382-0276 (Gwen’s after hours cell phone)

        Email:     whittierparkingcamping@gmail.com    

                        We are local residents and we are here to serve you!


                        Our friendly staff:  Roger, Kurt, Gwen (manager), Brandi and Darrell.